With a sprawling floor area of 160 square meters, Clarissa stands as the grandest unit in our collection, offering an unparalleled blend of expansive space and refined elegance. Notably, the grandeur of Clarissa is further accentuated by its main door adorned with transparent glass on both sides, inviting the outside world to seamlessly blend with the interior ambiance.

Php 9,644,000.00


Boasting floor plans ranging from 158 to 180 square meters, our thoughtfully designed residences offer an exceptional blend of generous space and refined elegance, tailored to elevate your lifestyle. Discover the epitome of modern living at Gavina, where every detail is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your everyday experience and embodies luxury, comfort, and timeless elegance, with a unique exterior design that makes it truly exceptional.

Php 9,035,170.00


Celestina seamlessly merges modern charm with functionality. Featuring our capacious living zones, accentuated by tall windows that flood the space with natural light, and a high ceiling design that captivates every eye, making it one of the most sought-after units. Outside, Celestina beckons you to embrace outdoor living with a charming patio or balcony, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or soaking in the sunset with loved ones.

Php 8,125,130.00


With 140 square meters of floor area, our thoughtfully crafted residence offers a perfect balance of ample space and refined elegance, tailored to elevate your lifestyle. Entertain in our expansive living areas, enhanced by towering windows that fill the room with sunlight, alongside a main entrance boasting transparent glass, creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Php 8,420,000.00


Anna Clarissa is a haven of modern comfort and refined living. Create lasting memories in our capacious living areas, featuring two sliding doors in the dining space offering effortless access to the lanai, seamlessly blending the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. It invites you to embrace outdoor living with a charming lanai area, perfect for alfresco dining or simply basking in the beauty of nature.

Php 7,869,830.00


Offering floor plans ranging from 120 to 130 square meters, our precise curated residences present an unmatched fusion of ample space and refined elegance. At the core of Juana lies its expansive communal areas, where modern charm and practicality effortlessly intertwine. Host unforgettable gatherings in our spacious living zones, where natural light floods through the high windows, creating an ambiance of airy sophistication.

Php 7,869,830.00


The focal point of Adelaida is its spacious communal zones, seamlessly blending modern allure with functionality. Entertain guests in our ample living areas, or let your culinary skills shine in our chic kitchenettes, outfitted with top-of-the-line appliances and upscale finishes. Featuring floor plans spanning from 100 to 120 square meters, our thoughtfully crafted homes provide an unmatched fusion of spaciousness and elegance, tailored to accommodate your unique lifestyle choices.

Php 6,554,300.00


With floor plans ranging from 82 to 120 square meters, our meticulously designed residences offer the perfect blend of space and style to suit your lifestyle needs. Step into a world of refined elegance as you explore our thoughtfully crafted homes, each boasting three to four spacious bedrooms. Beyond the confines of your exquisite interior, Cristina invites you to embrace outdoor living with charming balconies or terraces, offering panoramic views and a serene setting to bask in the beauty of the outdoors.

Php 6,084,000.00


The heart of Antonina Expanded beats within its inviting common area, where modern sophistication and functionality harmonize seamlessly. Entertain guests in the expansive living room or unleash your culinary creativity in the sleek and well-appointed kitchenette, complete with top-of-the-line appliances and ample storage space. With 80 square meters of floor area, this exquisite abode offers an abundance of space to accommodate your every need and desire.

Php 5,624,580.00


Boasting a generous 75 square meters of floor area, this stylish sanctuary offers ample room to live, work, and unwind in style. Indulge in ultimate relaxation in the three meticulously designed bedrooms, each offering a private retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. From cozy nights to vibrant mornings, these bedrooms provide the perfect balance of serenity and style.

Php 5,392,000.00


Here is where comfort meets contemporary living in a compact yet captivating space. Measuring a cozy 61 square meters, this stylish abode boasts a harmonious blend of functionality and flair, designed to elevate your everyday living experience. Embrace comfort and convenience in every corner, from the serene bedrooms to the sleek common area. Welcome home to Sofia Standard, where every square meter is designed to impress.

Php 4,948,000.00


Mariana, the exclusive single attached unit in our collection where modern charm meets compact living. With a cozy floor area of 50 square meters, Mariana stands out as the only residence of its kind, offering a distinctive blend of convenience and contemporary style. From quiet nights to morning rituals, each bedroom provides a cozy retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Php 3,528,000.0


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